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Classic Stallion, striding Running Stallion, Champ at Speed Cantering Stallion, easy run

Parade Stallion, a lively prancer Barb Stallion, performing Dressage Stallion, high stepping

Walking Stallion, stepping lightly Showhorse Stallion, the True Champ Trotting Stallion, jogging run

Sliding Stallion, Western stop Clydesdale Stallion, Gentle Giant Rearing Stallion, two versions

Got a Horse Country Boy?

If it looks like a Champ but is hideous, it's probably something else. Perhaps one of the three monstrosities that brought down our beloved brand in the mid 00's. Come take a look.

Funky Chicken Extraordinaire Funky Chicken on The Rack Played Chicken w/train, and lost.

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You could have some weird factory fluke, or a mold that's been used for both genders (like the Gaited Horse). Otherwise, your horse may not be a Grand Champion.
Double-check the Main ID Page and make sure you've got the right brand.

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