Showhorse Stallions

Bay ~ Chestnut ~ Palomino ~ Pinto


Name: Chief Justice

Breed: Morab
Year: 2001
Description: Dark bay stallion. Reddish brown with darker brown shading. Black shading on muzzle and legs. Mane and tail are black. Hooves are black.
Markings: Small star on forehead. Single sock on left forefoot.


Name: Turkistan

Breed: Akhal Teke
Year: 1996
Description: Flaxen chestnut stallion. Orange brown chestnut with darker brown shading on body. Black shading around eyes and muzzle. Front hooves are black; hind hooves are pale/peach colored. Hair is blonde.
Markings: Low socks on both hind feet.

Name: Bronze Baron

Breed: Akhal Teke
Year: 1997
Description: Red chestnut stallion. Rich, red-orange with darker brown shading on body and legs. Grayish shading around muzzle and eyes. Hair is dark, iron red.
Markings: White blaze on face. All legs are socked white, low in front and high in back.


Name: Sundancer

Breed: "Palomino" (Unspecified breed)
Year: 1996
Description: Palomino stallion. Pale orange body with darker orange shading. Black shading on muzzle. Hooves are black. Hair is blonde.
Markings: White star on forehead. Hind feet are blended white.


Name: Parachute

Breed: National Showhorse
Year: 2000
Description: Flaxen chestnut pinto. Dark red chestnut with large pinto markings; Pattern is overo type. Grayish shading around eyes and muzzle. Hair is an even mix of blonde and golden yellow.
Markings: Face is balded white. All legs are white.

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