Dressage Stallions

Black ~ Bay ~ Chestnut ~ White/Gray ~ Appaloosa


Name: Unknown / "Fritz"

Breed: Friesian
Year: 2005-2007
Description: Dark brown stallion. Dark body (nearly black) with lighter brown accent shading. Mane and tail are black, extra long, and crimped. Hooves are brownish.
Markings: None.
Notes: Fully billed as black Friesian, but is too brown to read well as black. Closer to darkest bay or badly sunfaded black.

Add'l Notes: This was a UK-only release. The name "Fritz" comes from some European retailers who offered him. It has not been confirmed as his official name.

Photo Notes: This MIP photo is pretty lame! Can you provide a better photo of the Friesian?

Bay - Black Derivative

Name: Ludwig

Breed: Hanoverian
Year: 1999
Description: Blackish/dark bay stallion. Body is very dark brown with darker shading. Mane and tail are black. Hooves are peach/pinkish.
Markings: Snip marking - small and pink on muzzle. No true foot marks, but all four legs are blended white (to odd effect on a bay this dark).
Notes: An odd color. Not quite bay (he lacks black point shading) and not quite chestnut (his hair is black), but typical of the strange offerings in the 1999 set.

Name: "Jumpy"

Breed: Not Specified?
Year: 2005-2007?
Description: Dark bay stallion. Dark brown body with blackish shading. Black muzzle and black shaded legs. Mane and tail are black.
Markings: Very large star and large snip. White socks on both hind legs.

Name: Mardi Gras

Breed: Holsteiner
Year: 2000
Description: Red bay stallion. Red with darker, red-brown body shading. Black shading on muzzle and legs. Mane and tail are black. Hooves are pinkish.
Markings: White stripe on face. White socks on all four legs.

Name: Captivator

Breed: Holsteiner, Wurttemberg, possibly others
Year: 2004-2006
Description: Medium bay stallion. Orange-brown body with darker brown shading. Black shading on muzzle and legs. The hooves are black.
Markings: White star on forehead. White coronet band on right forefoot.

Notes: One of several horses caught in the European-American crossover confusion of the mid 00's. Sold as an unnamed Holsteiner in Europe, then came to North America as a Wurttemberger named "Captivator."


Name: Escapade

Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Year: 1998
Description: Considered chestnut, but true color assignment is unknown. Dusty pink body with darker, reddish shading. Hair is bicolored, an even blend of chestnut and bright, red-orange. Hooves are pinkish.
Markings: Long blaze, including a large, pinked snip. White socks of varying height on all four feet.

Name: Unknown / "Keefer"

Breed: Westphalian
Year: 2005-2007
Description: Chestnut stallion. Orange-red body with darker, reddish brown shading on face and legs. Muzzle is grayed. Hair is medium brown. Hooves are pinkish/peach.
Markings: Blaze on face. White socks on all four feet.
Notes: This horse was a European classic release, and later came to North America as a Mail-Order horse. As a mail order, he came with an ID Card, but was not given a name.
The name "Keefer" comes (unofficially) from his European origins.

Name: Micah

Breed: Mustang
Year: 2007
Description: Buckskin stallion. Yellowish tan body with black shading on muzzle and legs. Mane and tail are black.
Markings: Unknown, but likely few or none. (In keeping with the other low-budget, poorly-designed horses of the period.)

Photo Notes: This is a promotional pic. The actual has not been compared, but is likely similar.


Name: Perfect Match

Breed: Trakehner
Year: 1997
Description: Pale gray stallion. Light gray with beige gray shading on body. Dark gray shading on muzzle and legs. Hair is medium gray.
Markings: White blaze on face, including pinked snip. Both on-side legs are socked.

Name: Senor Valadore

Breed: Lipizzaner
Year: 2001
Description: Fleabit, pale gray stallion. Light gray with darker gray shading on body, muzzle, and legs. Body is marked throughout with dark gray speckles. Also, white flecks are present on some areas of the face, producing a layered, double-flecked look. Hair is white. Hooves are black.
Markings: None.


Name: Mr. Chips

Breed: Appaloosa/POA
Year: 2002
Description: Black/white Appaloosa. Black with a large appaloosa blanket. This covers much of the body, enclosing many black spots and markings. Mane and tail are bicolored, black and white. Hooves are pinkish/peach.
Markings: Long blaze on face, including pinked snip. High white socks on all four feet.

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