Welcome to our Jareth Page! Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Jareth but had no one to ask, for fear of being the only person obsessed with him. But you're in good company here. Jareth is the hottest thing ever, and We LOVE him enough to explore and analyze down to his every last, beautiful scrap.

Jareth The Owl
When Jareth isn't a spiky-haired villain, he's a feathery little guy with another story to tell.

Jareth: Info and Origins
The Jareth Essays! Attempted anyway. We wanted to do some serious analysis of Jareth. This is the rambling crap that you'd normally find in a blog, but we've tried to organize it and make some valid points.

Jareth as Jareth... Introduction to Jareth ! Basic info, traits, personality, and even a Psych Profile.

Jareth as Rochester... The Byronic Hero strikes again. This is why chicks can't resist him!

Bowie as Jareth... From the Bowie to the Bad Boy, we go deep.

Anatomy of Jareth
We just had to diagram all of his wonderful parts. This does get sexy and explicit, so come on in!

101: The Upper Half... Most of Jareth's stuff is up here.

102: The Lower Third... There's only a couple things down here, but they sure are neat!

The Wardrobe Review!
We got into Jareth's dressing room to check out his costumes and accessories. Lose yourself in the leathery goodness and revealing trousers.

Page One... The Cape, the Leather, and the Crystals !

Page Two... The Masquerade, the Staircases, and the Pants!

Favorite Moments
Our Private Reserve of Jareth's best scenes.

The Fan Wall
A little place for Jareth's fans to speak out !

Need more Bowie?
Jareth is dinner and dessert, but you'll probably find yourself wanting more ! Bowie has a way of getting his hooks in, and that's when the cravings start. You need to check out his other films!
Dig our full page reviews and coverage:

The Man Who Fell to Earth
This was his debut and it's somewhat well-known by now. We've done it up thoroughly! It's considered a "bad" movie, but it's interesting and has great Bowie stuff.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Read our comments. Then avoid this movie like the plague.

The Linguini Incident
A cute and fun movie from around the same time period as Labyrinth. We love it! Killer performance from The Bowie.

Jazzin for Blue Jean !
A delightful, 20-minute romp ! Great stuff !!

The Best of Bowie - DVD
Highlights of this amazing collection of The Man's videos! Check out:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Just a Gigolo?
NOPE. Sorry. We're dying to see this movie, but it's impossible to find in Region 1. And our cheapass DVD player can't do any other region. And even if you can find it for R1, it's the edited version. It's a very rough cut at 90 something minutes instead of the proper 147. And even if you want the edited version, it still costs a fortune.
Here's hoping for a proper DVD release (someday) of Just a Gigolo...

Still Need more Bowie?

Bowie FanSites (Clean ones!)

Bowie WonderWorld - The BEST Bowie site ever! It's Big WOW. So comprehensive and has tons of unique, detailed stuff !
It has a cool Message Board that is pretty active. They're not taking new registers, but it's cool to just go there and be surrounded by fans.

Teenage Wildlife - A good overall site. Still somewhat active. Be sure to read the Fan Encounters section for some remarkable, true-life brushes with greatness, especially This One! (Omg, so amazing!)

CrackedActor.com - A great little fansite with an updated blog.

Standing By The Wall - A darker-themed Bowie site with some hilarious stuff and album reviews.
Their Movie Page is very entertaining.

Daily Bowie Quotes! - "Bowie Always Knows What to Say." YES ! What a sweet little gem this place is. Regularly updated with random thoughts from all periods of The Man's career. Kooky, funny, and pensive slices of The Bowie's Bowieness. We'll never get to find out "What Makes Him Tick," but you can catch glimpses here.

Bowie FanSites (Dirty)

This page isn't filthy, but it's graphic enough to be separate from our main Labyrinth area.
We talk a little more about The Junk we love so much, and this will take you to some of the sexier Bowie places on the net.

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