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Don't be put off by our clumsy, non-Labyrinth-sounding URL. (We're good at making pages, just bad at organizing them on the server.) We've got lots of juicy, original content: Full coverage, reviews, commentary, and analysis. "Labyrinth" is super awesome and deserves nothing less. We're also Brand New (2011), so dive in !

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The Music
Songs... The Bowie! Every track in review.
Videos... Steve Barron's As the World Falls Down and Underground in review.

Did You Notice?

You know you're obsessed when you spot these little things.

Sarah's Room

Damn, this girl has a lot of crap. We explore Sarah's Room and look at all her stuff.

Jareth's Section

Jareth is the stuff dreams are made of, and we've got lots to say. So much that we had to give Jareth his own area. If you're a Jareth fan (especially a female one!), come feast on The Goblin King.

What You'll Find at This Site:

* Original Content!

We don't have much technology, so we have to sell this place on personality. We want it to be colorful and interesting, and nothing yields said like biased analysis and commentary.

* Opinions !

If you like the slanty, wacky perspective that comes of obsessive fandom, this place is for you. Labyrinth is so weird and wonderful that it must be pondered at length! And we're nutty anyway, so we really go wild on this journey. Check your tude at the door and have fun.

* Crappy Photos!

Our screen grab software is so terrible and cheap that it's free. This is why our pics look kinda bad and are sometimes warped one way or the other, and why we don't even have a screen grab section. Partly for space constraints (AF is huge, but we share it with another big fat unrelated site) but also because our grabs are not worth your grabbing.

* Old-Fashioned Pages!

We don't use page-builder software, frames, or fancy graphics. Actually we hate complicated sites and we like our pages to load easily, because our own computer is Dinosaur-tastic and can't handle the advanced stuff. And we believe in User-Friendly, good old-fashioned HTML. All of our pages are homemade and hand-tagged, so they look crude for a reason. (You may find formatting mistakes.)

What You Won't Find Here:

Anything complicated or Downloadable

We don't have the software for this. You can find download stuff at other Lab sites.

A Guestbook

Nope. But if we get enough mail, we may start a page for visitor comments. If you have good stuff to say about this place and/or Labyrinth and want it put here somewhere, let us know.

"Jarethian" or "Labyrinthian"

We don't think these are words.

Other Stuff

We're missing a lot of things! But you can find them at other places! That's why we have a link list.

Links !
Last Updated: Jan, 2011 ~ We're working on a good link list. If you want to be linked, please email. There are a lot of Lab pages, but it's hard to know which ones are active. Some were lost with Geocities and we'd love to get to know you guys. Also we'd like to add some Jennifer sites for the male fans. Suggestions are welcome!

Jareth's Realm - The Blog of Eternal Stench, the site that inspired us ! The Original and best. THE place for deep analysis and proper Jareth obsession.

Think Labyrinth The Movie! - A Passionate fan with an amazing collection of info and merchandise. This place rocks. Check out the original Labyrinth script!

The Labyrinth - This is a small site, but very pretty and has some great, original content.

Teenage Wildlife - A good Bowie Site. Covers a lot, even some obscure stuff. Be sure to read the Fan Encounters section for some remarkable, true-life brushes with greatness, especially This One! (Omg, so amazing!)

Bowie WonderWorld - Another great Bowie site with tons of info. Very comprehensive and detailed.

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