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Thank You, Labyrinth fans. When it comes to Jareth and Bowie, there's a lot of Love to go around. It's the webmasters, the YouTubers, the visitors and surfers and messageboarders everywhere who say what needs to be said about Labyrinth - way more bluntly, eloquently, and poetically than we ever could. You've kept Labyrinth alive all these years; it's through your passion that the best of Jareth sings out loud.
Naturally, we had to make a page for this outpouring. It's a crash course for the ravers: Real film comments from fans in their own, brilliant words.

Wanna Contribute to The Wall?

All you have to do is Email Us with the comments you want quoted! This is your chance to speak out on Jareth's (and Bowie's) many lovable qualities.
So, it's the perfect opportunity to stroke the King's... Ego. :o)

"Bowie as the Gobling king in this movie is not just awesome. It's ... far beyond any ordinary words. He is not only a real seduction itself... he invented a core sexiness..."

"I love his face. It's so otherwordly and gorgeously feral."

"Remind me of the babe! So catchy... my favorite movie when I was 3-4 years old... This movie made me fall madly in love with David Bowie."

"Bowie has the most evil laugh. I love it."

"That face, that voice, that body and the way he speaks and moves. It's just magic."


"Bowie is simply perfect."

"I love the way bowie talks - so sexy ;)"

"...the ratings board missed the bulge in Bowie's pants, but I didn't.
Pretty impressive, Jareth."

"Why can't I ever find a hot wicked king of a far away kingdom? Why? Jareth, he can sing, he can dance, warp time... also HAWT.
Is there anything he can't do?"

"David Bowie has hypnotic powers over me."


"I just love David's british accent!"

"I found him incredibly sexy - omg he's a sexy man... But in Labyrinth he was divine."

"...sooooooooooooo gorgeous in this film! I love those tight trousers."

"Nevermind the Disco King. Bring me the Goblin King !"

"David Bowie is a man who just SCREAMS sexy. ...makes me absolutely lust and drown into his sexiness."

"...a fine specimen... David Bowie is hot... but David Bowie as Jareth... Wow... take me now!"

"...he was terribly good looking in the film, especially with that blue jacket he wears in the ballroom scene... Hes a prince!"

"If loving Jareth is wrong, I don't wanna be right! It's the voice..."

"...if we ever saw David Bowie in concert, we'd be in the car, praying, 'Please wear the pants, please wear the pants...'..."

"I've been hopelessly infatuated with David Bowie since I was about 7... and that was like 20 years ago... and still am..."

"If seduction and all things erotic had an entity, it would be Jareth... Sex and Passion, Erotic and Man... Jareth is Sexiness in itself. "

"He is delicious."

"I'm still trying to figure out why Sarah chose the screaming baby over the sexy goblin king. When he tells her: 'Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.' Um, sold."

"Everyone found David Bowie sexy in Labyrinth.
I'm a straight male and I was still attracted to him."

"You just gotta love his pants and want in them."

"I wish David Bowie would take me away - forget Toby. I want David, and this is coming from a 13 year old. He's a god!"

"I was immediately attracted to this man because of this movie."

"(This is) a coming-of-age movie with a lot of psychological symbolism if you look. Otherwise it's about Bowie being awesome."

"Dear Jareth: Forget Sarah. TAKE ME!"

Every time I go to watch this movie, I say to myself, "This time, I'm not going to have a crush on Jareth." And then I always do. Every... single... time."

"David Bowie is by far the sexiest man alive."

"The moment that David Bowie those tights. He devirginized the entire world."

"No one can put an inch on Bowie. He is such an excellent performer."

"Definitely his eyes and his snaggle tooth. Don't know why but when he grins it's just so sexy."

"I don't find David Bowie hot... but I find Jareth really really hot. It's weird but there ya go."

"He is the sexiest thing on the planet."

"DB never did it for me IRL, but Jareth...RAWR!!"

"I love his eyes."

"This may be an American movie, but Bowie sold it. As a straight male, I'm perturbed by how sexy I find his voice."

"'In 9 hours and 23 minutes you'll be mine.' Yo Bowie I am yours whenever."

"I usually don't fall for men in movies, but damn. Who wouldn't fall for him?"

"Jareth the Goblin King is my ultimate fantasy- a title he has held since I was 7 years old."

"I want my own Goblin King... It's just not fair."

"... A little girl 4 or 5...when I saw this movie, I fell head over heels in lust with him... his voice is a liquid dream. "

"Bowie, sex in motion... He's enticing. Amazing."

"Sinfully sexy voice."

"God, David Bowie is...Mmmm... Too good for words. How in the world did Sarah not drop on her knees and worship him? I would have!"

"No man should be that sexy in one movie."

"If I were her, I would've let myself be taken by him... I was gettin hypnotized by that song, and him."

"I would personally become his slave and do anything for him. And wreck him horribly."

"...he is so sexy as a goblin king. I'm in love, and have been since the age of seven."

"...he is rather well endowed. Yum."

"I'm pretty sure that every girl who watches this... will start fantasizing about Bowie dancing and singing to them."

"No way could I have ever left the Labyrinth. I would be chilling for all eternity in his crazy MC Escher castle, getting into his tight pants on every single surface in sight, upside down staircases included."

"Bowie is a big tower of gorgeous :)"

"If I were Jennifer Connelly, I would never have left his arms."

"Oh, the laugh Jareth gives after he says, "The Prince of Stench!" What a wonderful noise!"

"KILF. (Like MILF, but with a King.)"

"This movie rocks. It came out when I was 8 - and talk about a lesson in anatomy!
I was in love with David Bowie."

"His laugh is so freakin sexy it makes me want to melt."

"'In 9 Hours And 23 Minutes, You'll Be Mine!'
Anyone else get a little tingle?"

"Bowie MAKES this film."

"Coolest movie ever. And David Bowie - greatest guy in the world."

"PRINCE OF THE LAND OF STENCH! God he is so hot...."

"If I turned around and suddenly an incredibly sexy man who had a package that is frankly, hard to ignore, was standing there and started to talk to me, I'd get on my knees and start thanking god."

"Beautiful voice and beautiful face... The movie is amazing."

"I love Bowie, and his Goblin King stint was one of his finest hours!"

"It is such a sad movie ! I always feel sad for Jareth, so in love and nothing in return !!"

"The Ballroom Scene...I remember being a little girl and wanting a wedding like that to David Bowie..."

"Bowie is the Goblin King... He made it so much more than a role.
He made it real."

"I'm still in love with him.....I'm not sure if it's him as much as it is Jareth."

"I don't think he was packing anything but himself in those pants..."

"David Bowie ran off with my heart in 1986.
It's 25 years later and he still won't give it back."

"Jareth is freaking sex! Rail thin in leather and a spiky mullet but still sexy as hell. I have loved David Bowie since I was 8 years old."

"I'm 27 now and I still daydream about him."

" of the most stunningly handsome men ever (especially in this movie)! Plus, Jareth's personality... He seemed a bit of antagonist to me, but...he was just WAY too attractive."

"I'd let Jareth rule me every day of the week."

"It's Bowie. It's almost impossible NOT to fawn over him. Sexy beast, great actor, wonderful musical artist... A legend."

"He was and always will be the only guy who could wear tights and look so darn sexy.
Robin Hood, eat your heart out."

"I don't think (Bowie) quite gets how much of a cult classic it is, and explains where his young, post-80s fan base comes from."

"Bowie...a god..the first time I ever realized what sexual feelings for the opposite sex was all about!..I must have been 8 years old!"

"My English teacher made us watch this, and every girl in the class fell in love with David Bowie."

"Heart-melting... What kind of idiot refuses a man like that!? A HOT man like that!?"

"Sarah made the wrong choice! Annoying little brother vs. sexy David Bowie! Cmon people, be serious. Which one would you choose??"

"Jareth is...hypnotizing to say the least. It's like being under a spell, he's just so...captivating."

"My heart always flutters when I see Bowie smile..."

"I fell in love with this guy when I was 5... and I'm still in love. I would've given anything to have Bowie sing for me... Sexiest man ever walked the Earth."

"Bowie's actually quite a good actor. I think that usually goes unnoticed by people.
And yes, he is mesmerizingly gorgeous."

"I love his eyebrows."

"He wants to rule her and wants her to fear him. But what he says is pretty and poetic and I love it..."

"Favorite Movie EVER! Bowie's sexiness is UNTAMABLE!"

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