Cantering Mares

Bay ~ Chestnut/Palomino ~ White/Gray ~ Dapplegray

Bay / Black derivatives

Name: Willow Wind

Breed: Thoroughbred
Year: 2001
Description: Dark bay. Dark brown body with black shading on legs and muzzle. Mane and tail are black.

Markings: Star (bean-shaped) on forehead. Sock on left foreleg. Pastern band on right hind foot.


Name: No Name

Breed: Quarter Horse
Year: 2007
Description: Dark bay. Dark brown body with black shading on legs and muzzle. Shading may be extensive on head and neck as well. Mane and tail are black.

Markings: Unknown. (Likely none.)

Notes: One of the last horses released under the name "Grand Champion," this was exclusive to a horse and rider set. This horse is assumed to be a mare (due to the mold used), but actuals (and their packaging) have not been compared.

Name: Bruchette

Breed: Selle Francais
Year: 1999
Description: Buttermilk dun-like. Cream/whitish body with black shading on legs. Muzzle and ears are grayish. Mane and tail are black. All legs are blended white around the fetlocks. Hooves are peach/pinkish.

Markings: No true marks. All feet have white tinting.


Name: No Name

Breed: Mustang
Year: 2007
Description: Dun-like, roan-like gray. Body is pale gray with darker gray shading on legs. Muzzle is shaded to black. Hooves are black. Hair is a blend of black and white.

Markings: None.

Photo Notes: This mare has a replaced (long) tail. The mane is factory and represents all actuals, which are badly cropped.

Add'l Notes: This was a Horse Country offering, sold in a mare and foal set. The color and gender assignment are unclear. It was promoted as a "Buckskin Stallion," but fails on both counts (Color is gray, not yellow, and this horse is obviously a mare!)

Chestnut - Palomino

Name: Molly McBrae

Breed: Irish Hunter
Year: 2000
Description: Bright, red chestnut. Bright orange-red body with darker, brownish shading on legs. Muzzle is shaded gray. Hair is reddish brown.
Markings: Star and snip. All four legs are socked.

Name: Angelique

Breed: Anglo-Arab
Year: 2003-04
Description: Orange chestnut. Light brown body with darker brown shading, especially on legs. Hair is a blend of medium and dark brown.
Markings: Striped face, including pinked snip. Three legs are marked (left hind is solid). Front feet have low socks, right hind foot is socked higher.

Name: Unknown

Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Year: 2004-05
Description: Appears flaxen chestnut. Orange-brown with darker shading. Hair appears to be a blend of white and blonde.
Markings: Unknown. May have a mark on right hind leg.
Photo Notes: This is a prototype pic. The actual has not been compared.

Name: Buttermilk

Breed: Maremmana
Year: 1996
Description: Light palomino. Cream colored body with orange shading on legs. Hair is white.
Markings: Three socks, possibly blended. Left foreleg appears to be solid and shaded black.
Notes: This will be a Sound horse with a white button on the back.

Name: No Name

Breed: "Palomino" (Unspecified)
Year: 2003-04
Description: Medium/dark palomino mare. Body is pale orange with dark, brownish orange shading. Mane and tail are blonde.
Markings: Low stripe on face, including pinked snip. All feet are socked.
Notes: This was a UK exclusive horse, sold only in a family set with a stallion and foal. They were not given names.


Name: Showgirl

Breed: Shagya-Arab
Year: 1996
Description: Dapplegray-like. Medium gray with extensive, darker gray shading on body and legs. Body is flecked with white. Hair is dark gray. Legs are blended white.
Markings: No true markings. All legs have white tinting.
Notes: This will be a Sound horse with a white button on the back.

Name: Mon Cheri

Breed: Thoroughbred
Year: 1998
Description: Flecked gray mare. Light gray body with darker gray shading. Body is marked throughout with white flecks.
Markings: Broken blaze including pinked snip. All legs are socked.

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