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Appaloosa ~ Pinto


Name: Original Appaloosa Mare

Breed: Appaloosa
Year: 1988-89
Description: Dark brown mare with black mane and tail. This is a Bay Blanket Appaloosa with black shading on the muzzle and legs. The blanket is white and distinct, with rough edges on the hindquarters. The spots in it are brown.
Markings: None. The blanket is the only white mark.
Notes: There is No "GC" logo on the hindquarter.

Name: Snow Queen

Breed: Appaloosa
Year: 1994-95
Description: Pale gray mare with either pale or darker gray hair. This horse has dark gray appaloosa spots on the hindquarters, but they are not enclosed in a white blanket.
Markings: None.
Notes: Some variation exists in the shade and hair color of individuals.

Name: Running Spring / Starlet

Breed: Appaloosa
Year: 1994-95
Description: Dark bay appaloosa mare. Body is dark brown with extensive dark shading on face, body, and legs. This is a modest appaloosa with a small blanket around the base of the tail. It is grayish and contains orange-brown spots.
Markings: Low socks on both front feet. The hooves are black.
Notes: As was common for the 94-95 group, this mare had two names. (One for her release with a foal, the other for her single release with tack.)

Name: Snow Patch

Breed: Appaloosa
Year: 1996
Description: Chestnut mare with large, white blanket. Forehand is solid chestnut; beyond this, the body is blanketed white and has many black appaloosa spots. Mane is reddish brown. Tail is a mix of brown and white hairs. There is reddish brown shading around the legs.
Markings: Star on forehead. Legs are not socked, but hind feet are mostly white due to shading.

Name: Walks On Snow

Breed: Appaloosa/POA
Year: 1994-96
Description: Blanket pattern on buckskin-type color. Body is light brown with black shading on muzzle and legs.
Markings: Long blaze on face. Appaloosa blanket on hindquarters; it is white with light brown spots.
Notes: This is an Indian Mare and will have native symbols (red and yellow) printed on the face and shoulder. Feathers may still be attached in the mane and/or tail.

Pinto and Paint

Name: Original Pinto Mare

Breed: "Pinto" (Not Specified)
Year: 1988-89
Description: Dark Bay Pinto. Tobiano pattern. Body is mostly white with dark brown markings. Mane and tail are black.
Markings: White, bald marking (including a fully white muzzle) on a mostly-brown head. All legs are white. Hooves are black.
Notes: This mare exists in two variations - a 'smooth' marked (pictured) with clean-edged pattern, and a 'feather marked' pattern, which has rough edges.
There is No "GC" Logo on the hindquarter.

Name: Meadowsweet

Breed: "Pinto" (Not Specified)
Year: 1994-95
Description: Dark Bay Pinto Mare. White body with dark brown markings. Mane and tail are black.
Markings: Characteristic marks include a dark brown patch enclosing the right nostril, and a patch over the left eye. All legs are white, but have brown coronet markings. Hooves are black.

Name: Prairie Flower

Breed: "Pinto" (Not Specified)
Year: 1994-96
Description: Gray and white pinto mare. Body is white or pale gray with darker shading around muzzle and legs. Pinto marks are dark gray, Tovero-type. Mane and tail are dark gray.
Markings: Mostly white/pale gray body. Face and dorsal patching suggest overo, but all legs are white.
Notes: This is an Indian Mare and will have native symbols (in blue) printed on the face and body. Feathers may still be attached in the mane and/or tail.

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