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Black ~ Chestnut/Palomino ~ White/Gray ~ Dapplegray

Black / Black derivatives

Name: Kamira

Breed: Arabian
Year: 1995-96, various. (Mail Order.)
Description: Blue roan-like. Dark gray body with extensive black shading on face and legs. Mane and tail are black.
Markings: None.
Notes: This was an exclusive, mail-order horse that came with special tack (a gold and red halter, collar, and tail ring) and an ID card. She was available in the mid-90s.

Name: Sweet Vidalia

Breed: Thoroughbred
Year: 1994-96
Description: Dark bay. Brown body with black shading on muzzle and legs. Mane and tail are black.
Markings: None.
Notes: This was a Family mare, available only in a set with a stallion and foal of similar coloring.

Name: Shadow Mist

Breed: Mustang
Year: 2000
Description: Buckskin/Dun type. Cream-colored body with orange shading. Black shading on muzzle and legs. Mane is black. Tail is bicolored, black and white.
Markings: Blaze on face. Socks on all four feet.

Chestnut - Palomino

Name: Sienna Silk

Breed: Spanish Barb
Year: 1997
Description: Chestnut. Light brown body with darker, reddish brown shading. Gray shading around face. Hair is light brown.
Markings: Long star/modest blaze on face. Socks on three feet. (Left hind is solid.)

Name: Ice Sculpture

Breed: Arabian
Year: 2002
Description: Very dilute palomino. Cream colored body with orange shading on legs. Gray shading around eyes, muzzle, and hooves.
Markings: Star and snip. Star is a curled, flame-like shape.

White/Gray - Dapplegray

Name: Perseverance

Breed: Arabian
Year: 1998
Description: White/gray mare. White body with light, grayish beige shading. Darker shading around eyes and muzzle. Hair is blonde. Hooves are peach/pinkish.
Markings: Faint blaze including pinked snip. No foot markings.

Name: Jewel of the Nile

Breed: Arabian
Year: 2003-04
Description: Dark gray mare. Body is gray with darker shading. Hooves are dark gray. Mane and tail are gray.
Markings: White socks on left foreleg and right hind leg.

Name: Nikita

Breed: Tersk
Year: 1999
Description: Dapplegray mare. Dark gray body with darker, reddish gray shading. Face and legs are tinted white. Body is marked with large, white flecks. Hair is dark gray. Hooves are orange/peach colored.
Markings: No true markings. Legs are tinted/blended white.

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